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Below are links to our friends & suppliers. Some are aussie, some are international.
Click the links and check them out. They are our tone community!

Our Friends

Shake It Up Music Nambour
The Super Fun Awesome Happy Time Pedal Show

Our Suppliers

Innovative Music Carl Martin, ISP Technologies
Noise Toys Imports - Strymon
EGM Distribution - Bogner, Pedaltrain, 1 Spot
Lamberti Bros - Electro-Harmonix, RAT 
AMS - Dunlop, MXR, Way Huge, Cry Baby, Custom Audio 
Amber Technology - TC Electronic, G-Lab, Cioks
Jade Australia - Mooer
Darkglass Electronics - Guitar & Bass Effects
Synthrotek - Guitar Effects Pedals, Pedal Kits & Eurorack Synthesizers