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G Lab Guitar System Controller GSC


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Modern music forces guitar players to apply various electric guitar effects.
In consequence, a lot of players have a collection of different equipment: pedal effects (stomp box) - single or multi ones, pre-amps, amps, etc.
The necessity to switch between various effects appears not only between different songs played but also during a particular song. Switching between effects and adjusting their proper settings (collectively called presets) is relatively difficult to operate (necessity to press several footswitches and/or to turn the knobs and press switches or buttons at the same time).
After some time the problem of switching and setting effects limits the performance and creative capacities (it is useless to create performances which can't be realised).
The Guitar System Controller is an analog device designed to enable easy selection of a preset from the wide range of offered ones by pressing just a single footswitch. At the same time the GSC improves the comfort of use and sound quality. The GSC enables the further development of a guitar system.

Basic characteristics:

  • high impedance input (identical with a tube amp characteristics) based on FET transistor 
  • independent guitar’s TUNER output with the silent tuning function 
  • four loops for connecting single effect pedals (stomp boxes) or serially connected stomp boxes) with skipping (relay bypassing) switched off effects 
  • four outputs 9V DC supplying effect pedals (totally max. 160 mA with overloading indication)
  • volume change module (full or lowered defined by the analog knob) to apply in the solo/background playing mode
  • 2 outputs (2 lines each, latching type) for amp's switching by footswitch input
  • MIDI output setting the program No. of e.g. an effects’ processor (giving possibility to control independently two MIDI units by one of their THRU outputs)
  • 5 footswitches to select presets (6 banks with 5 presets each)
  • 1 footswitch with a definable function (choice: loops direct switching mode, switching to the previous bank, changing the volume or MUTE)
  • very silent footswitches (backlighted)
  • LINK connector for connecting the second GSC device to form a set with double possibilities (working in two modes: "remote" or "nearby")
  • a possibility to connect a wah-wah effect pad (wah-pad) to control the system by placing foot on it
  • the main signal output giving possibility to connect parallely several amps using a long cable (10 meters) without signal quality loss 
  • massive powder coated casing and durable switches material
  • external power supply with a long ( 3,5 meters) and flexible cable which eliminates a power supply presence on the floor and provides increased safety level.

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